The 7 biggest collabs between brands and football players

As 7 maiores colaborações entre marcas e jogadores de futebol

Fashion and sport share a rich history of mutual influence, athletes not only act as style icons but also play a vital role in shaping fashion trends. Let’s dwell on the 7 biggest collabs between fashion brands and soccer players. 

Zlatan Ibrahimović and H&M Move

H&M announced a long-term partnership with Zlatan Ibrahimović as the global Brand Ambassador for H&M Move, launching a campaign in spring 2023, which began in August 2022. The collaboration will focus on sportswear, activewear and athleisure. With his appeal to the target audience, Ibrahimović is the perfect candidate to showcase H&M Move´s upcoming sport collection and footwear.

Kylian Mbappé and Hublot

Since 2018, Kylian Mbappé has been the ambassador for Hublot, in a partnership highly successful to promote the brand in the world of luxury fashion. Mbappé has appeared in numerous advertising campaigns for Hublot, including the 2019 Big Bang campaign, emphasizing his speed and agility on the pitch. Assitionaly, he collaborated with Hublot designers to create a collection of limited-edition watches. Beyond being the brand´s face, Mbappé has also been involved in various charity initiatives with Hublot, including auctioning customized watches in 2020 to raise funds for Covid-19 relief efforts.

Marcus Rashford and Burberry

Teaming up with Marcus Rashford, Burberry initiated a youth charity project in the UK aimed to empowering young people and providing them with resources for success. The partnership includes significant donations to Rashford´s FareShare charity, which assists families in need across the UK. In addition, Burberry supports other youth charities, including the Football Beyond Borders organizations, engaging young people in education and personal development. The collaboration extends to fashion, with Marcus Rashfors partnership with Burberry´s design team to create a limited edition clothing collection.

Lionel Messi and Adidas

Lionel Messi´s partnership with Adidas, which began in 2006, has evolved into one of Adidas´s most high-profile collaborations. Adidas has released a range of signature Messi boots and clothing lines, featuring him in various advertising campaigns, such as Nemeziz range. Signing a lifetime contract in 2017, Messi not only serves as a brand ambassador, but also contributes to product development and design. He collaborates with Adidas designers on custom boots and football designs. 

Cristiano Ronaldo and Nike

Since 2003, Cristiano Ronaldo´s collaboration with Nike has been highly successful for both parties. Ronaldo has been the face of numerous Nike campaigns, including the popular Write the Future campaign from 2010. Nike has also released a range of signature Ronaldo boots and clothing lines, including the CR7 range. The football player collaborates with Nike to design custom boots, such as the Mercurial Superfly CR7 boots, reflecting his unique style and personality.

Neymar Jr. and Puma

In September 2020, Neymar Jr. signed a long-term partnership with Puma, ending his association with Nike. He became the face of Puma´s football division, wearing Puma boots on the field and featuring in the brand's advertising campaigns. Neymar collaborated with Puma´s designers to create Puma Future Z, incorporating his distinctive style and personality. The partnership extends to charitable initiatives.

Mo Salah and Adidas X Gucci collection

Mo Salah is the face of the second campaign of Adidas x Gucci. The collection features exclusive Adidas offerings such as tracksuits, long-sleeved tops with zippers, graphic T-shirts and sweatpants. Four new styles of collaborative elements from both brands have been added to the iconic Adidas sneakers.

Football and fashion continue to merge, inspiring artists and captivating millions of people. Collaborations between sport icons and fashion brands offer numerous benefits, promoting products, supporting charitable initiatives, and reflecting the fusion of the worlds of sport and fashion, influencing trends on and off the pitch.

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