Love for our roots we present: Café Millenário

Amor pelas nossas raizes apresentamos: o Café Milenário

In Guimarães, Café Milenário is not just a coffee space, it is a living witness to history, a narrative engraved on the walls that has stood the test of time. Today, approaching its 70th anniversary, it is the last bastion of historic cafes in the city of Guimarães.

This refuge, overlooking Largo do Toural, goes beyond the simple act of serving coffee. It is a space for reading, socializing and gatherings, where the walls echo memories from the times of the old regime.

Opened in November 1953, this café was immortalized not only in the pages of the book "Cafés Portugueses - Tertúlias e Tradição", but in the heart of the city and its inhabitants. The name, a tribute to the ancient history of Guimarães, is revealed through the original architecture and furniture that have stood the test of time.

Dulce Oliveira, the current custodian of the café, proudly reveals that “the chairs are still the same ones where our grandparents sat.”

However, there is a peculiar story that hides within its walls. In the early years, a fresco depicting a hunting scene, with animals and naked hunters, was censored by the clientele. An attempt to cover the private parts with a skirt was unsuccessful, resulting in the painting being hidden behind mirrors – a work that had been hidden for almost 60 years.

Café Milenário is not just a casual meeting place; It is a stage where several generations and illustrious figures have passed. From Dr. Sá Carneiro to filmmakers like Manoel de Oliveira, the café hosted historic moments.

The book "Guimarães - From here there was resistance" recounts a remarkable episode during the 1958 presidential elections, when the café became a refuge for those seeking protection against police attack during a rally.

Located in the heart of the city of Guimarães, in Largo do Toural, Café Milenário is more than a meeting point; It is a living testimony to the resistance of time and history, a jewel that continues to tell the story of Guimarães, where Portugal was born.

Ideas were born here, everyone lives here who feels that there is a refuge behind a well-brewed coffee, with the aroma of history, and where the past becomes present, and transcends fashions and generations.

For this reason and much more, we chose this space as a tribute to one of our pieces: the Millenary suit. Inspired by timelessness, true emotions - this is our vision of the roots that connect us to where we were born, and that we will never forget, no matter where life takes us.

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Parabéns ao autor deste texto magnífico,que relata quase tudo deste monumento histórico"Café Milenário".
Muito mais haveria acrescentar sobre o mesmo como por exemplo:
O salão do café Milenário tem 10 portas abertas para o exterior e os seus clientes podem estar sentados nas cadeiras tomando o seu café e receber a frescura que vem do exterior.
Parabéns parar as várias gerências quer tudo fizeram para manter este monumento histórico em funcionamento e uma palavra de apreço á gerência na pessoa da Dona Dulce Oliveira que após passar várias fases difíceis e muito conturbadas como foi o caso do COVID 19 MANTENDO-SE FIRME honrando não só a sua clientela diária, como as várias gerências como foi o caso do anterior gerente Sr. Álvaro Fernandes de Oliveira.
Parabéns e um bem haja para todos os intervenientes.

Alfredo Oliveira ,

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