The Cruyffism by Johan Cruyff

O Cruyffismo de Johan Cruyff


Although the legend Johan Cruyff is gone, his legacy lives on. His teachings have become a religion practiced by everyone who knew him, admired him, or aspired to be like him. 

The football philosophy of Johan Cruyff, known as cruiffiaans or cruyffism, goes beyond tactics. It encompasses his playing style, coaching approach, and even his distinctive way of speaking, which resulted in a collection of memorable sayings that became famous throughout the football world.

Now you will discover the legend that inspires us every day and makes us kick the ball, even without knowing if it will be a victory. 

The Johan Cruyff philosophy 

Johan Cruyff was more than just a football player and coach, he was a thinker who transformed the soccer game. His philosophy, known as Cruyffism, transcends the simple pursuit of victory, emphasizing style, creativity, and intelligence in football. It encompasses key principles such as Total Football, where players exhibit fluidity and versatility by occupying multiple positions during a match, which focuses on maintaining control of the ball to dictate the game's pace and high pressing, which involves intense pressure on opponents to quickly regain possession. 

Additionally, Cruyff valued youth development, believing in the importance of academies for producing technically skilled and tactically intelligent players. He also encouraged creative freedom, viewing football as an art form that celebrates individual expression and technical prowess. His game vision is central to his philosophy, training players to anticipate movements and decisions, thinking one step ahead of both teammates and opponents. Cruyff's influence remains profound, shaping modern football and inspiring coaches and players with his emphasis on technique, game intelligence, and the beauty of the sport.

The 10 Legendary Quotes by Johan Cruyff

Cruyffism is more than just a model of footballing identity, called Total Football by Rinus. Cruyff was a genius, he made the game simple for his teammates and complicated for anyone who dared to try. He implemented his ideas with the principles of Total Football and lifted Barcelona from European contenders to European champions. His vision remained at the club and shaped many clubs around the world and mostly in F.C Barcelona where they keep paying tribute to this legend. Discover his 10 most famous and philosophical phrases.

  1. Every disadvantage has it´s advantage.
  2. You´ll see it when you believe it.
  3. Before I make a mistake, I don't make that mistake.
  4. In some sense, I am probably immortal.
  5. I´ve never seen a bag of money score a goal.
  6. Playing football is simple, but playing simple football is the hardest thing there is.
  7. When we have the ball, they cannot score.
  8. You must shoot, otherwise you can´t score.
  9. If you´re not somewhere, you´re either too early or too late.
  10. You can also play well without touching the ball.

Cruyffism it's about more than just winning, you have to keep playing and pushing your own boundaries, in and out of the pitch. Johan Cruyff ́s philosophy remains leading coaches, players, and fans who can feel the purest form of the game. His legacy lives on in every precise pass, strategic move, and daring shot taken with the belief that football is, above all, an art.

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