Top 10 soccer clubs most loved by fans in the world

Top 10 clubes de futebol mais amados pelos fãs no mundo


Fans, what is soccer without them? The so-called 12th player makes the game alive, makes the blood run in your veins, it’s usually why soccer exists.

Fans can mean the difference between success or failure of some soccer games. So, their unwavering support, vocal cheering, and vibrant presence not only energize players and intimidate opponents but also contribute to the overall atmosphere and excitement of the match, ultimately shaping the outcome on the field.

Supporters groups play a crucial role in the success of football teams by actively participating in decision-making and sustaining the long-term viability of clubs. The passion and commitment of fans significantly influence the performance and success of teams on and off the field.

The best supporters group

Discover which teams have the best supporter groups. In Europe they are generally known as ultras, which derives from Latin and means beyond in English. In the Anglosphere, these groups are generally known as “supporters groups”, mostly in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, and Australia. Soccer fans are the heartbeat of clubs, as they contribute to an inclusive environment through chants, songs and tifos. Beyond the pitch, supporter groups have a major role in soccer´s culture, ensuring it remains a unifying force that celebrates the game´s passion.

Furthermore, find out which are the main ultras in Portugal, their teams, their history, and the year of their foundation. You will hear about 6 inspiring supporters groups of teams like Benfica, Sporting, Porto, Vitória, Braga, and Torcatense.

Top 10 soccer clubs more loved by fans worldwide

10. Ultras Ahlawy (Al-Ahly, Egypt) 

The Ultras Ahlawy are from the most successful club in Africa, Al-Ahly boasts a massive and dedicated fanbase in Egypt and across the Arab world.

9. Torcida Urubuzada (Flamengo, Brazil)

Flamengo is one of Brazil's most popular clubs, known for their passionate support, Flamingo Nation and their success in copa Libertadores and the Brasileiro Série A, the supporter group is called Torcida Urubuzada.

8. La Doce (Boca Juniors, Argentina)

Boca Juniors is Argentina's most popular club, known for their passionate fanbase, La Doce, and their fierce rivalry with River Plate.

7. Collectif Ultras Paris (Paris Saint-Germain, France)

PSG´s recent Qatari ownership has seen them attract superstars like Mbappé and Neymar, growing their international fanbase, Collectif Ultras Paris.

6. Chelsea Shed (Chelsea, England)

A recent addition to the list due to their Roman Abramovich era success, Chelsea has a large and vocal fanbase, Chelsea Shed, particularly in England.

5. Die Roten (Bayern de Munique, Germany)

The most successful club in German football history, Bayern Munich enjoys a strong and dedicated domestic fanbase, Die Roten.

4. The Kop (Liverpool, England)

Renowned for their Anfield atmosphere and passionate singing supporters, the Kop Liverpool´s fanbase is known for its unwavering loyalty and unique chants like “You´ll Never Walk Alone”.

3. Red Army (Manchester United, England)

A historic club with a large and passionate fanbase worldwide called Red Army, Manchester United´s legacy and success under Alex Ferguson solidified their global support.

2. Boixos Nois (Barcelona, Spain)

Barcelona's tiki-taka playing style and legendary players like Johan Cruyff, Messi and Xavi earned them a large and dedicated international fanbase, the Boixos Nois.

1. Ultra Sur (Real Madrid, Spain)

One of the most successful clubs globally is Real Madrid which boasts a massive fanbase worldwide, Ultra Sur. Their galactico era featuring soccer legends such as Zidane, Ronaldo and Beckham amplified their global appeal.

6 inspiring Portuguese soccer fans groups

Portugal is a nation rich in football traditions, with a long-standing culture of fans who are part of the club and see them as their family. From historic clubs and local teams to supporter groups with unlimited passion and unwavering enthusiasm.

Discover the 6 inspiring Portuguese football supporters groups, each with their own history, values, and impact on the club they support. From GDU Torcatense´s Mancha Branca to Benfica ́s iconic No Name Boys, these groups are the fusion of the spirit and passion of Portuguese football, demonstrating the deep connection between fans and the teams they cheer for.

6. Grupo Desportivo União Torcatense

The Mancha Branca is the name of the claque of GDU Torcatense, the representative club of São Torcato village, Guimarães municipality, founded on September 26, 1928, by a group of local people who were simultaneously directors and athletes of the club.

5. Sporting Clube de Braga

The Ultras Bracara Legion, founded in 2003 as a result of a conversation between friends and a strong desire to support the club, are the supporters of Sporting Clube de Braga, both in Portugal and around the world.

The Red Boys are another supporter group of the Braga team, formed in September 1992 by a group of friends who used to follow their magical S.C.Braga. Initially they were called Red Skins, which had a political connotation, so they changed to their current name.

4. Vitória Sport Club

The Insane Guys were created in 1994, are distinguished by their support for Vitória Sport Clube, by demanding more effort from the team's players in training, but also for their support when the effort pays off.

The Ultras White Angels founded in 1999, are the Vitória of Guimarães biggest claque and are also constantly present at their team's matches, both nationally and internationally.

3. FC Porto

The Super Dragões are the main support group for Futebol Clube do Porto. It was created in 1986, led by Fernando Madureira, known as Macaco. It was formed by some members of the now disbanded Dragões Azuis claque, who didn't agree with the claque's politics.

The Coletivo Ultras 95 was created in 1995 by a group of friends who were members of the biggest claque of Futebol Clube do Porto, Super Dragões.

2. Sporting Clube de Portugal

The Juventude Leonina, commonly known by its nickname Juve Leo, is a Sporting Clube de Portugal claque founded in 1976 by brothers João and Gonçalo Rocha. It is the oldest supporters group in Portugal, and probably the oldest in Europe.

The Diretivo Ultras XXI, or DUXXI, is an unofficial Sporting supporters' club founded in 2002 by Vítor Manuel Rodrigues dos Santos, after the club won the Portuguese Cup. DUXXI is Sporting's second-largest claque, with between 4,000 and 4,500 members.

The Torcida Verde claque was founded in 1984, but only became officially recognized in 1988.

The Brigada Ultras Sporting, known as Brigada, is an official support group of Sporting founded on September 12, 2004, with the aim of increasing support for Sporting.

1. Sport Lisboa e Benfica

The No Name Boys claque were formed on March 4, 1992 and support the team Sport Lisboa e Benfica.

The Diabos Vermelhos were founded in November 1982 and are the club's oldest supporters, supporting the team at every national and international match.

In a beautiful homage to the fervent supporters of Grupo Desportivo União Torcatense, BYMS has crafted a jersey that speaks volumes about the soul of soccer. With the iconic number 12 proudly emblazoned upon it, this jersey is more than just a t-shirt; it's a symbol of unity, of the bond between players, fans, and supporter groups. The number 12, revered across the globe, encapsulates the essence of every game, every moment shared in the stands, every collective victory and setback - it’s about you, it’s about fans!  

This jersey it's for anyone who lives and breathes the passion of soccer, regardless of the club's size. Whether you're cheering for Torcatense or any other team, this jersey is a testament to the shared journey of triumphs and tribulations that every soccer aficionado knows all too well.

The impact of fan groups on the beautiful game cannot be overstated. It’s about the heartbeat of a club, infusing stadiums with an electric energy that ignites passion in every corner. A presence that creates an unbreakable sense of belonging that inspires players. The fans influence extends far beyond the pitch; it’s the lifeblood of a club's financial sustainability, driving merchandising sales, filling seats, and shaping critical decisions that affect the club's future.

Yet, amidst the roar of the crowd, it's important to acknowledge the challenges that come with maintaining a positive fan culture. While the vast majority of supporters embody the spirit of respect and camaraderie, occasional incidents of violence or vandalism remind us of the need for vigilance.

In the grand world of soccer, supporter groups are more than just fans; they are the guardians of tradition, the stewards of passion, and the embodiment of unwavering dedication. They enrich the sport with their fervor, their commitment, and their unyielding support for the clubs they hold dear. So, as we don our jerseys and gather in the stands, let us remember the power of the number 12 and the profound impact of those who proudly wear it.

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