The perfect classic shirt crafted from rare Sea Island cotton

A camisa clássica perfeita criada com o raro algodão Sea Island

Imagine slipping into a shirt as soft as silk and as durable as your favorite jeans, all while embracing a rich royal legacy. At BYMS, we believe true sustainability means creating a classic shirt that stands the test of time. That’s why we chose to craft ours from one of the most luxurious cottons on earth.

We set out to design a shirt that would be truly cherished, and our journey led us to Sea Island Cotton. There’s cotton, and then there’s Sea Island Cotton - one of the rarest, finest, and most luxurious fabrics available. Scientifically known as Gossypium barbadense, or “black seed,” this cotton is renowned for its exceptional strength, unparalleled softness, and luxurious feel. This is where our classic shirt journey began, with a fabric that embodies elegance and longevity. 

The origins of sea island  cotton through history

Want to know something interesting? The earliest evidence of the use of cotton in the Old World dates back to 5500 BC, preserved in copper beads found at the Neolithic site of Mehrgarh, located in ancient Pakistan.

In 1793, American inventor Eli Whitney revolutionized cotton production with the creation of a modern mechanical cotton gin. This innovative device utilizes a combination of wire screen and small wire hooks to efficiently pull the cotton through, while brushes work tirelessly to remove loose cotton lint, preventing jams and significantly speeding up the process.

And did you know that the cultivation, harvesting, and sale of Sea Island Cotton were among the most significant economic forces in the southeastern United States from 1790 until just before the American Civil War? Nevertheless this luxurious cotton played a notable, though lesser, role in the early twentieth century. 

Why is Sea Island cotton one of the rarest on earth?

Sea Island cotton is renowned for its long staple, fine texture, silky luster, and high strength. Its long history intertwined with the cultural and economic development of the American South, its key characteristics, and its applications in luxury textiles made it a symbol of elegance and quality worldwide.

Sea Island cotton is distinguished by its notably long staple length, ranging from 1.5 to 2.5 inches. Its exceptionally fine fibers give it a soft, silky texture and a radiant, silk-like appearance. Despite their fineness, the fibers are strong, making the fabric durable and long-lasting. The uniform length and thickness of the fibers result in smooth, even yarn with fewer imperfections. Unlike most cotton, which is stark white, Sea Island cotton has a natural, creamy hue, adding elegance to untreated fabrics. It also has high absorbency, making it ideal for warm climates, as it efficiently wicks moisture away from the skin.

As one of the rarest and most precious available, every  year, about 110 millions bales of cotton are cultivated globally, of which 2 millions have extra-long staple. While this itself is prized, it remains entirely incomparable to the mere 150 bales of Sea Island cotton produced each year. It accounts for just 0.0004% of the world’s cotton production.

In our days, genuine Sea Island Cotton is grown in the Caribbeans, primarily in Jamaica and Barbados. The warm climate and perfect balance of sunshine, wind and rain provide ideal growing conditions.

Why Sea Island cotton is the gold standard for premium clothing

Sea Island Cotton is renowned for its fine texture and strength, making it a preferred material in high-end luxury products. Its exceptional quality has led to its continued use in creating luxury fabrics that boast a silky feel and high luster, highly sought after in the fashion industry for elegant and refined textiles.

The luxurious qualities of Sea Island Cotton make it a favorite for high-end shirts, blouses, and undergarments, providing unparalleled comfort and durability that ensure garments maintain their elegance and form over time. The combination of softness and durability also makes it ideal for premium bedding, towels, and accessories, offering a lasting quality that discerning consumers appreciate.

Additionally, its long staple fibers are perfect for producing fine, strong threads, making it a top choice for luxury goods and high-quality tailoring, where strength and smoothness are paramount.

The BYMS Classic Shirt

Would you like to be part of our history? At BYMS, sustainability is at the core of everything we create. We strive to use the most ethical materials, but we believe that true sustainability lies in creating pieces that last a lifetime. Our mission is to find the most natural and extraordinary materials, crafting a classic wardrobe that endures through the years. This commitment is why we chose Sea Island cotton over merely organic options.

Sea Island cotton, renowned for its ultra-premium quality, is a rare fabric favored by luxury brands for their finest products. Widely considered the best shirting cotton in existence, it represents the pinnacle of textile craftsmanship. At BYMS, we cherish this exceptional material for its unparalleled quality, comfort, and rich heritage.

Introducing our latest creation, the Classic Shirt, made from Sea Island cotton. This masterpiece embodies strength, luxury, and the art of expert shirt-making. More than just clothing, it is a garment that touches the spirit. Each thread carries the legacy of a cotton so rare and exquisite it was once the choice of royalty, symbolizing authenticity and timeless elegance.

The Classic Shirt is a true work of art, a moment in history, and a testament to the belief that a shirt can be meaningful, enduring, crispy and beautiful. Each stitch tells a unique story. Discover the Classic Shirt at BYMS, where tradition and innovation weave together seamlessly.

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