12 soccer jersey


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It’s easier to support big teams, but at BYMS we support passion.

Together, united by passion, we rise against the odds!

We’ve designed a jersey that embodies this spirit, specially designed for the underdog soccer team Torcatense. A team that may not always be at the forefront, but it sure boasts an unparalleled passion and support base.

This jersey, carrying the emblematic number 12, is a testament to the tenacity and strength found in the collective spirit of fans. Because with support, the odds of winning will always be higher.

The 12th encapsulates the essence of collective support, the 12th most important player. In the world of soccer, as in life, victories are not just carved on the field, but in the hearts of those who believe.

 In the heart of every underdog story lies the power of unity and support!

Composition: 100% Premium Polyester

Model is 187cm and 76kg, wears size M



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