Top 10 Soccer-Fashion Jerseys

Top 10 Jerseys de clubes de futebol com o design mais inspirador

A soccer jersey is more than just a piece of sportswear, it represents a team's identity, a country's culture, and the passion for the sport. In some cases, it also embodies the power and strength given by fans. We’ve picked 10 incredible  designs that have the power to evoke memories, iconic players, and the greatest moments in football history. Let's discover  the top 10 sport jerseys more interesting in the world.

Which are the best 10 Sport Jerseys in the world?

10.  Paris Saint Germain X Jordan (2023/24)

The collaboration between Nike, with its Jordan line and Paris Saint Germain marked PSG´s status as streetwear. The addition of the signature Jumpman logo on PSG´S red, white, and blue tricolor impressed everyone. Since then, the partnership has introduced clean all-white and all-black alternate kits, perfect for the Champions League.

Paris Saint Germain X Jordan (2023/24)

9. Napoli X Kappa X Marcelo Burlon (2021/22)

The collaboration between the Italian club Napoli and Marcelo Burlon is a vibrant fusion of Italian passion and contemporary design. Burlon's characteristic feathered wings span from shoulder to shoulder, contrasting blue against black for the home kit and yellow for the away kit. This stylish jersey has become highly sought after in the second-hand market.

Napoli X Kappa X Marcelo Burlon (2021/22)

8. Juventus X Adidas X PALACE  (2019)

The collaboration between Juventus and PALACE blended Italian soccer with British streetwear style. The iconic black and white stripes of Juventus combined with Palace's bold graphics, including gradient print and fluorescent highlights, showcased the potential of streetwear brands in sports collaborations.

Juventus X Adidas X Palace (2019)

7. BYMS X Grupo Desportivo União Torcatense (2024)

This is the first collaboration of a Portuguese fashion brand with a soccer team. Supporting passion over fame, BYMS designed a jersey for the underdog soccer team Torcatense. This jersey, featuring the emblematic number 12, symbolizes the collective strength and spirit of fans. It embodies the essence of unity and support, providing that victories are not just won on the field but in the hearts of believers. This incredible jersey is part of the Undiscovered list of Sports Jersey, highlighting that sports jerseys will remain in fashion for a while and are here to stay.

BYMS X Grupo Desportivo União Torcatense (2024)

6. Netherlands football jersey (1988)

This iconic Netherlands jersey from the 1988 World Cup, although it wasn´t worn by Johan Cruyff, is a symbol of football excellence and Dutch pride. Its classic design and association with Cruyff, one of the greatest footballers of all time, make it a timeless piece.

Netherlands football jersey (1988)

5. England Away X Nike (2022/23)

England’s electric blue away kit for the World Cup, became one of the standout kits of the tournament. Inspired by 90s designs, Nike´s template features a large rounded panel across the shoulders that successfully combined modern and retro elements.

England Away X Nike (2022/23)

4. Monaco X Kappa X Drole de Monsieur (2022/23)

Monaco, synonymous with luxury, has teamed up with the avant-garde fashion label, Drole de Monsieur and Kappa to produce a jersey that combines royal heritage, functional design and contemporary touch. This partnership resulted in wearable art.

Monaco X Kappa X Drole de Monsieur (2022/23)

3. Corinthians Third X Nike (2022/23)

To commemorate the decade anniversary of their FIFA Club World Cup triumph, Corinthians released a collection featuring white, gold, and black. The third kit, adorned with Kanji symbols in honor of the host nation, is a standout.

Corinthians Third X Nike (2022/23)

2. Newcastle United (1995-97)

The Newcastle United 1995/97 home shirt is the most iconic jersey from the Premier League era featuring Adidas. Worn during a period of heavy investment and memorable matches, it symbolizes a time when Newcastle was a formidable force in English football. During that time, the team had players such as David Ginola and David Batty in this beautiful era. 

Newcastle United (1995-97)

1. Tottenham Hotspur (1986-87)

The Tottenham Hotspur jersey from the 1986-87 season is celebrated for its classic and association with a successful era in the club´s history featuring Hummel. This jersey remains a favorite among fans and collectors.

These top 10 soccer-fashion jerseys are not just sportswear, they are symbols of identity, culture, and passion. They evoke memories of iconic players and unforgettable moments in football history. Whether you are a fan of classic designs or modern collaborations, each jersey tells a unique story.

Did you know any of these jerseys? Share your thoughts and let us know which one is your favorite or if we missed any iconic soccer-fashion jerseys!

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